the ReJacks.

ALL AGES PUNK ROCK at DiPiazza's Sunday, Feb. 23rd!

The ReJacks first Southern California performance since the release of their debut self-titled EP.

After going to the church of the fluffy pillow on Sunday morning, come worship at the alter of Punk Rock with The ReJacks at DiPiazza's on Sunday, February 23rd with STINKEYE. 8PM. ALL AGES!




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6 Song Debut EP From A Trio of Upstarts Is A Collection Of 2 Minute or Less Political, Economical and Ecological Wake- Up Calls

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Released On Dec 3rd, 2013 on LIKEY RECORDS, USA The Arsenal of Songs Includes Fan Favorites "I'm Broke," "No Parents," and "Spray The Sky"

LOS ANGELES, CA November 11, 2013

"I want our fans to feel the sense of urgency from the ReJacks in our songs and the importance of the attack at which they are delivered. I want to sonically punch the listener in the face so hard they would have to look in the mirror to survey the damage of what was left," commented J. Hill, the intense singer, guitarist and songwriter. the ReJacks self-titled debut release is a world of stark realities and current events too important to ignore and what better way than with a punk rock exclamation point and not pulling any punches!

Lyrical contributor Joel McDaniel provides the shock and awe from behind the drums with Lee Norton laying down the bunker busting bass lines on an 8 string bass. Complementing Hill's blasting on the edge guitar work, McDaniel and Norton put the "JACK" in the ReJacks. The EP averages a scant 1.5 minutes per song and Hill believes any new release will contain less than 11 minutes of music and should be listened to in order in its entirety in a mini punk rock "dopera" designed to kick you in the teeth and make you think about what the hell is going on around you.

On "No Parents," Hill explores the reality of being emotionally perplexed by a loved one’s dementia and then having the locks changed on you.

"Spray The Sky" points out the phenomenon of chemtrails that got the songwriter on the radar of the FBI when he called the FAA asking…"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SPRAYING ON US?"… True story.

You can pretty much ask your friends and neighbors what the anthem "I'm Broke" is about as they hope things will soon change economically while banks get bailed out as chronicled in "Too Big To Jail".

"I'm So Sick" and "Baby Boomer Bustorama" round out the debut release available on Likey Records December 3rd, 2013 on iTunes, and 380 music retailers around the world. A limited edition colored vinyl EP will follow.

The band is often asked "What is a ReJack?" Check out the ReJacks to find out...

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